Monday, March 15, 2010

The Sand Pirates Part Two

While constructing the Best Ever Sandcastle along the shores of the beautiful blue ocean, our intrepid heroes were approached by a stranger. Possibly because they forgot to turn off their car lights, but more probably because their nearby schooner sported a banner reading "World's Bravest Birds".

"Hey, who dares approach our camp!" cried Reggie.
"Excuse me, but are you really the World's Bravest Birds?" asked the small parrot.
"Of course we are -- well, at least that's what our bumper sticker says."
"Good. Allow me to introduce myself --
And the parrot pulled a small card from beneath his wings."

"My name is Polly ... Pollygon Parrot the III, actually. Owner of Polly Island on a remote point of the coast ..."

"Sorry, we're not interested in a time share," said Reggie."
"But I'm not offering time shares," complained Polly. "I'm asking for help -- someone to save Polly Island from Pirates!"

Will our heroes find out what's behind this outrageous story? Tune in next time to find out!

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