Monday, April 26, 2010

The Sand Pirates -- Conclusion

With the Pirates vanquished forevermore from the shores of Polly Island, Polly Parrot's Secret Map led the way to the secret hiding place ...

and the Lost Treasures of Long Ago were unearthed ...

our heroes took time to celebrate their grand victory in style on the shores of Polly Island.

To an accordian medley played by Gussie ...

... and the shadow of the Best Sandcastle ever built on the island's shores.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Sand Pirates Part Nine

As the Pirates fled Polly Island following Bertie's stunning defeat of their captain, our Heroes manned their stations --
"Watch out, me mateys, or they'll roust their crew and come after us!"
And Captain Reggie wasn't mistaken -- the Pirates flag waved strong just off the shores of Polly Island, cannons aimed squarely at our Heroes!

"They'll hold us captive here, sink our ship unless --"
"Ahem," said Polly Parrot. "If you'll just step aside for a moment, I think I can demonstrate to the Pirates that it would be best not to return."
With that, he struck a match and --
The Pirate ship fled to sea, pursued by a flaming cannonball!

Success at last! Tune in next time for our Final Chapter in ... THE SAND PIRATES!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Very Special Message from Reggie...

Hallo, all! Yes, it's me again, with an annoyingly cute video -- this one's worth the interruption, I promise!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Sand Pirates Part Eight

When we last met our intrepid heroes, a large Pirate Ship had landed on the shores of Polly Island, depositing Three Fierce Pirates to challenge our heroes.

"We've come for our treasure, ye scurvy dogs!" The Pirate Captain stepped fourth, waving a sword. "And be it known now, no feathered scallywags will hold us at bay!"

"Prepare to face a fate worse than death, then!" Captain Reggie shouted. Bertie drew his cutlass from his belt.
"En guard, you scurvy dog!"

The sound of ringing blades filled the island as the Pirate Captain met his challenge. ZING! CLINK! Back and forth they went! Steel clanging, sand flying, Bertie showing off his best footwork from his tap-dancing days until --

Bertie disarmed him!

"Ye've done me in, bird," said the Captain. He dropped to his knees before Bertie's blade.
Will the pirates surrender? Or does this mean war? Tune in next time ....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Sand Pirates -- The Exciting Parts

As the menacing Pirate Ship approached Polly Island, our heroes prepared to face a band of dangerous cutthroats!

"Hold your ground, men!" called Captain Reggie. "Don't let them smell fear!"
"Aye, aye, captain!" Polly Parrot brandished a tiny sword in one wing.

"Let 'em eat steel!" Bertie drew his sword in preparation as ...
THREE FIERCE PIRATES charged towards them, swords drawn!!!

Will our heroes survive this epic battle? Tune in next time for an all-new chapter of ... THE SAND PIRATES

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Sand Pirates Part Six

When we last saw them, our heroes were pursuing two dangerous missions. One, finding the Lost Treasures of Long Ago and (2) saving Polly Island from an invasion of Fierce Pirates from somewhere out there.

"All right, men, you heard the narrator -- we've got two big tasks before us."
"According to this map, we follow the paces past the Big Black Rock to find the buried treasure. Then we'll dig it up --"
"And get run through with pirate swords," interrupted Reggie. "Look there!"

As the dark sails of a Pirate Ship appeared just off shore!

What will happen next? Will our heroes have a showdown with a mob of angry pirates? Tune in next time to finally see some action in ... THE SAND PIRATES!