Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Sand Pirates Part Eight

When we last met our intrepid heroes, a large Pirate Ship had landed on the shores of Polly Island, depositing Three Fierce Pirates to challenge our heroes.

"We've come for our treasure, ye scurvy dogs!" The Pirate Captain stepped fourth, waving a sword. "And be it known now, no feathered scallywags will hold us at bay!"

"Prepare to face a fate worse than death, then!" Captain Reggie shouted. Bertie drew his cutlass from his belt.
"En guard, you scurvy dog!"

The sound of ringing blades filled the island as the Pirate Captain met his challenge. ZING! CLINK! Back and forth they went! Steel clanging, sand flying, Bertie showing off his best footwork from his tap-dancing days until --

Bertie disarmed him!

"Ye've done me in, bird," said the Captain. He dropped to his knees before Bertie's blade.
Will the pirates surrender? Or does this mean war? Tune in next time ....

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