Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Sand Pirates Part Nine

As the Pirates fled Polly Island following Bertie's stunning defeat of their captain, our Heroes manned their stations --
"Watch out, me mateys, or they'll roust their crew and come after us!"
And Captain Reggie wasn't mistaken -- the Pirates flag waved strong just off the shores of Polly Island, cannons aimed squarely at our Heroes!

"They'll hold us captive here, sink our ship unless --"
"Ahem," said Polly Parrot. "If you'll just step aside for a moment, I think I can demonstrate to the Pirates that it would be best not to return."
With that, he struck a match and --
The Pirate ship fled to sea, pursued by a flaming cannonball!

Success at last! Tune in next time for our Final Chapter in ... THE SAND PIRATES!

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