Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ze Conclusion

With the Master Pumpkin returned to his kingdom and Colonel Stalk vanquished, everything had returned to normal for our heroes, as they resumed their peaceful lives just in time for Halloween ... and their original goal in the forbidden forest...

Wasn't it nice of the Master Pumpkin to find us a Jack O' Lantern?

After all the trouble we went through to help defeat Colonel Stalk, I suppose it was a fitting gesture...

...even it it is a little lopsided with that one eye.

The End.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

That's not true, Master! Colonel Stalk has only siphoned off the bad ones and made them do his bidding!

The voice piped up from a nearby pumpkin -- none other than the ghost pumpkin from the forest!

He's made us obey him -- without you here, we didn't have a choice.
Silence, you moldy turnip! screamed Colonel Stalk.

The Master Pumpkin rumbled as he listened to the roar of the pumpkin patch.

I think he's telling the truth, sir. In case you really want to know.

The Master Pumpkin spoke again in his rumbling voice.

You've forced me to act, Colonel Stalk -- and now, you'll feel the force of this forest's magic.
As he drew on his sorcerer's hat and waved a wand --


As the crows and pumpkins cheered aloud!