Thursday, October 7, 2010

That's not true, Master! Colonel Stalk has only siphoned off the bad ones and made them do his bidding!

The voice piped up from a nearby pumpkin -- none other than the ghost pumpkin from the forest!

He's made us obey him -- without you here, we didn't have a choice.
Silence, you moldy turnip! screamed Colonel Stalk.

The Master Pumpkin rumbled as he listened to the roar of the pumpkin patch.

I think he's telling the truth, sir. In case you really want to know.

The Master Pumpkin spoke again in his rumbling voice.

You've forced me to act, Colonel Stalk -- and now, you'll feel the force of this forest's magic.
As he drew on his sorcerer's hat and waved a wand --


As the crows and pumpkins cheered aloud!

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