Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Sand Pirates Part Three

Polly Island, a remote sand beach somewhere in the middle of the ocean, is home to rocks, sand, and Pollygon Parrot the III who lives in a beach bungalow on its shores...

Steering along its shores is a ship manned by fearless Captain Reggie, who leads the World's Bravest Birds on an expedition to save Polly Island from its nefarious enemies.
"Be brave, boys; we'll need all our courage to confront a band of pirates! Keep your swords at the ready!"

He patted the helm of his trusty dagger as the trusty band displayed its prowess.

"Aye, aye, captain," said Bertie, brandishing his own blade. "I've got a cutlass in hand -- let them taste metal if they storm the shores!"
As for Gussie ...
"All I brought is this accordian."

Will it be enough to vanquish the pirates from Polly Island? Tune in soon for Act Four of THE SAND PIRATES!

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