Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Sand Pirates Part Four

"Long ago, Polly Island played host to a secret pirate hideaway. The most nefarious names that sailed the seven seas sailed their boats to the shores of Polly Island to hide from the law. Redbeard, Captain Mann, The Black Dagger -- all manner of evil men crept ashore in the dead of night --"

"Great story, but what does that have to do with your problem?" Bertie interrupted.
Pollygon parrot shot him an impatient glance.

"It's the reason why pirates are here today -- they're searching for the Lost Treasures of Long Ago. No doubt buried here by visiting marauders."
"No problem!" said Gussie. "We're old pros at digging -- why, just yesterday we were constructing the Best Sandca--"

"Never mind that," Reggie interrupted. "What we need is a Treasure Map."

Does Polly Parrot have the Secret Map to the Lost Treasures of Long Ago concealed somewhere? Probably not, but tune in anyway for the next excitement installment of -- THE SAND PIRATES!

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