Monday, March 29, 2010

The Sand Pirates Part Five

As it just so happens, Pollygon Parrot can prove his story ... with a Secret Map showing the treasure's location.

"It's been in my family for years," he explained. "I never used it of course -- never needed to -- but now ..."
"If you had a map, what do you need us for?"

"Because the map's useless if the pirates find the treasure first. And they will, you know -- or cut open the one who does."
Captain Reggie steeled his gaze. "Fortunately," he replied, "we're Brave, Trustworthy, and Armed to the Teeth ---

well, most of us, anyway. And we'll never let those pirates invade Polly Island!"

Of course, that was before the ship slid into view behind our heroes ...

Will our heroes save the treasure of Polly Island? Or fall victim to the swords of invading Pirates? Stay tuned for the answers!

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