Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who are you? Before Bertie could stop himself, the words popped out.

The corn stalk -- if such a thing is possible -- leered at him with broken kernel teeth exposed through its hull.

I'm the master of the pumpkins, sonny boy. If anybody's got business with them, they's got it with me.

All hail Colonel Stalk!! droned the pumpkins.

Too shocked to respond, the crows stared at the giant corn stalk towering above them.

Shall I feed 'em to the wolves, boss? Asked One-Eyed Jack with a sneer.

I think we should let the White Howler take care of 'em!

As the corn stalk laughed with a high, evil cackle, a form took shape in the mist...the unmistakable form of a ghost!

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