Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Once the heroes encounter the leader of the pumpkin gang, they were shocked to see a giant stalk of corn instead of the legendary Master Pumpkin. Before a crowd of shivering pumpkins, they were sentenced to face the Ghost of the Forest!

Fleeing the scene swiftly, Bertie, Reggie, and Gussie didn't even have time to survey the Jack o' Lanterns around them for Halloween decoration potential, since the Ghost of the Forest was hot on their heels.

Wait a minute! What are we doing?

Bertie's breathles exclaimation was accompanied by the "shush" of his several companions as they ducked behind bushes.

What do you mean "doing"? We're running from a scary ghost ordered to dispatch us on behalf of a giant corn stalk! Reggie hissed.

But there's no way we can outrun it, boys -- our only chance is to outwit it.

Outwit a ghost?

Why not? I have a plan, boys...

With that, Bertie lowered his voice to a whisper. As the others listened, comprehension dawned on their faces.

What's Bertie's brilliant plan? Tune in Next Time to find out!

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