Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bertie's Big Plan

As the White Howler descended upon our heroes in the forest, they responded quickly ... by running!

Keep it up, Gussie -- if we fall, Bertie will never have his chance! Reggie gasped aloud.

As the ghost moved swiftly over the ground, Bertie made a flying leap and snagged the ghost's bedsheet.


With a shriek of fright, a Jack o' Lantern tumbled from beneath and leaped away into the forest.

The Ghost of Halloween Past? suggested Gussie. Bertie fumbled with the sheet.

Now's not the time, boys -- not if we're going to snag a Jack o' Lantern in time for Halloween!

Right. Bertie, let's all get under that sheet and sneak back to the patch. As for Gussie here, I think it's time he returned to his old football days in high school...we've got a little surprise for the pumpkins.

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