Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All right, hand it over, Professor!

It was the janitor, all right -- only without his costume, I recognized Tough Fingers Malloy, one of the sharpest birds on the street.

What makes you think I still have the Golden Osprey? I've given you every cent I have for the past two years --

Cut the crying and hand over the bird! I knows you got it, 'cause I've seen the riddle. Birds is birds, Professor "Plock". Now give it up or I'll --

All right, all right! Open the top drawer of the desk behind you. I hid it in there when I heard you come in -- hoping maybe I could talk you out of this.

Say, this is a pretty nice lookin' piece, Professor. It looks way better than in the paper's pictures after you pinched it from the museum.

It should, since I spent every day polishing it since then -- and it looks like I'll go on doing it!

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