Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ace: Private Eye (or the Case of the Golden Osprey -- Final Chapter)

All right, both of you keep your wings in the air. I don't want any sudden moves.

Unless you have a bottle of glue, you've got nothing for your client, Ace.

Not so fast, Professor. You see, that wasn't the real Golden Osprey!

What do you mean? I stole it myself from the museum --

Nope. You stole a fake that Mr. Lewtes donated to the museum. The real one was hidden here in his office all along --

-- behind this bird tapestry. That makes three little birds, right by the window -- just like the riddle says.

Looks like I've got that reward after all, boys.
(Narrator's Voice): "There it is, folks, another day in the life of Detective Art Ace, Private Eye. Tune in again for his thrilling, mysterious adventure in, Doberman Springs!"

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