Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Creepy Old Forest

But it's just a forest ... okay, maybe it's a little creepy, all that fog and those tree branches like pointy claws ... but that's not enough to scare us away.

Maybe not, but this is.

Without further delay, the Wise Old Owl hauled out a massive dusty Book o' Knowledge from within the sycamore tree's hollow trunk.

You carry that around with you wherever you go? Gussie was tremendously impressed.

Young man, this happens to be my home -- I most certainly do NOT haul this around like an idiot!

With that, the Owl flipped open the book and pointed with feathered finger to one of its pages.

"The Master Pumpkin?" read aloud Reggie.

Indeed. The most dangerous, most powerful figure in all the forest. The Wise Old Owl bowed his head.

You mean a giant Jack o' Lantern is lying in wait just beyond those trees?

No one has seen or spoken to the Master Pumpkin. But they say the forest is haunted by his minions, gathered in the pumpkin patch hidden in the forest.

No wonder this place still has all its pumpkins, Bertie complained.

Never fear! declared Reggie. Master Pumpkin or no, we're going in to get our pumpkin!

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